Kid(s) + inspiration = kidinspo.  A couple of times last week my kids SERIOUSLY inspired me by just doing their regular kid-life stuff. But since I'm their mom, naturally I didn't just let it go: I took pictures, overthought it, and put it on the internet to share with you.  So, here's some kidinspo for … Continue reading Kidinspo

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"He didn't want to try it because he might mess up." My son's speech therapist started the lowdown on his moody cooperation yesterday, but I already knew exactly what she meant. It runs in the family. It's how his sister wouldn't attempt to cartwheel, or tie her shoes, or ride a bike, because she couldn't automatically … Continue reading Flailing

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When the world needs so much saving you can’t move

Do you ever get so overwhelmed with the suffering and problems of the world you don't even want to think about them? Yeah, me neither. Just kidding. ME ALL THE TIME. Oh guys, my heart aches for so much in this broken, messy world. There is so much to say about hunger, poverty, discrimination, injustice, etc., … Continue reading When the world needs so much saving you can’t move