Kid(s) + inspiration = kidinspo.  A couple of times last week my kids SERIOUSLY inspired me by just doing their regular kid-life stuff. But since I'm their mom, naturally I didn't just let it go: I took pictures, overthought it, and put it on the internet to share with you.  So, here's some kidinspo for … Continue reading Kidinspo

Oh, Bella!

Here's a quick read for you: Chapter 1, late May: Kids want a dog. Parents say "Nope!" Parents hear about stray dog in neighborhood. Parents say "Awww." Family meets dog. Kids say "Pleaseeeee?!" Parents say "Oh....OK."  Chapter 2, mid-June: Family and dog are happy. Family goes on vacation. Dog stays with friend. Chapter 3, end of June: Family … Continue reading Oh, Bella!

Beach with “mid-range” kids: Pros and Cons

Well, friends, we are land-locked once again after a fun week at the beach. With the kids ages 8, 6, and 4, we haven't quite reached the mom-can-relax-and-read-a-book years, but we are past the diapers and naps, which is still a pretty sweet spot. I consider this the "mid-range kid age." Sitting under the umbrella like the … Continue reading Beach with “mid-range” kids: Pros and Cons