Hi, come on over! This is my faded online picnic blanket. I put it here to share laughter, fears, random thoughts, and my family’s general messy, loud life with you. Bring your own messiness and some potato salad and hopefully we can encourage each other in the life-building ordinary days, as well as the ones that bring more challenges and heartache than expected.

I’m in Texas but grew up in Georgia, and I’ve also lived in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. So I have earned my Southern credibility and am thoroughly schooled in smiling at strangers, waving to neighbors, and spontaneous hugging. Consider yourself hugged.

I’m married to an economist who keeps his closet of blue shirts organized and loads the dishwasher to exact specifications – pretty much the polar opposite of me (I’m not sure anything I’ve ever done would be described as “to exact specifications”). But I love our differences – they add depth. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s a kind, brilliant, funny man who never (NEVER!) gives me a hard time that most nights he has to take a pile of my clothes off the bed and add it to another pile of my clothes on the dresser before going to sleep.

Take two opposites – let’s say hot and cold – put them together, and you will have nice, sweet, obedient, WARM children, right? Yeah, I was really wrong about that. Somehow our DNA wrought a feisty crew of three strong-willed, sassy, lovable, and extremely exhausting children.

I have a bachelor’s in journalism, a master’s in NPO’s, and spent years in event management before deciding to stay home with my kids. Now I loosely direct chaos and write while they’re in school – blogging here and at Dallas Moms Blog, and working on a few bigger projects that I hope will pan out and keep sparking new ideas. I’ll keep you posted!



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