Kid(s) + inspiration = kidinspo. 

A couple of times last week my kids SERIOUSLY inspired me by just doing their regular kid-life stuff.

But since I’m their mom, naturally I didn’t just let it go: I took pictures, overthought it, and put it on the internet to share with you. 

So, here’s some kidinspo for you (yeah, I realize that word is getting annoying, but you’re stuck with it because I’m not re-writing this):

#1. My 4 year old son roller skated for the first time ever, with the help of a “skating buddy” (aka: pvc pipe walker on wheels). He didn’t want ANYONE TO TALK TO HIM OR EVEN THINK ABOUT HELPING HIM, he just wanted to try and fall and try until he got it. When we left he was sweaty and slightly bruised, but so, so happy. 

It doesn’t matter if everyone already knows how to do something, and they are maybe 2X your size and 3X as fast. Lace up, grab your skating buddy (no matter what anyone else thinks), and get your butt out there to start figuring it out.

#2. I was struggling to get going for my writing class last week. I must have stopped and started a dozen times. 

Skip forward to Easter morning: I left my daughter sitting at the dining table, got dressed, and came back 15 minutes later to find she had started a book (yes, in highlighter) and was just beginning chapter two – suspensfully titled “The Big Problem”- when I walked in. 

Kidinspo: Get over yourself and just do it

I thought about those barely-legible fluorescent pages every time I sat at my computer the following days, and reminded myself to just STAY IN MY SEAT AND START WRITING. Because if my 7-year-old can do it, so can I.

#3: OK, scratch that last sentence-I can’t do this. Same kid + ordinary backyard swing set = constant new challenge (aka: looking for ways to go to the emergency room). 

Use your talents and push your limits. Even if it scares your mom. 

BONUS: This one is not a kid, it’s my ridiculous dog. Who, it can be noted, honestly believes he is just another child in our child-filled house. 

He’s not allowed in my bedroom, because PERSONAL SPACE (and his complete lack of it). But lo and behold I look over this week and there he is, silently sitting *just* inside the door and smiling at me like a goofball. 

If you’re going to break the rules, have fun…? Or be cute doing it so you get in less trouble? I don’t really know, but this picture makes me laugh so I’m glad for it. I still made him go out though. 


Alright guys, keep your eyes open, your skates tied tight, and gather inspiration from wherever you find it this week. ❤️

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