More mom quotes for all y’all

As usual, I’ve been mom-ing all over the place these days. Your basic best-attempt-at- raising-good-humans stuff.

But as you may (or may not) know from my last similarly-named post, sometimes the lesson reverberates back to me and strikes me as a decent application for myself and likewise the rest of humanity.

So, in conclusion: me -> my kids -> (insert ricochet sound) me-> humanity (insert fading into the distance sound).

Today I’m sharing this sparkling wisdom from my home in case you need encouragement, a laugh, or to just STOP HITTING YOUR SISTER, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.



Metaphorically. But, with my kids, also literally.

You know what stinks? Pulling a dripping shoe out of the toilet and figuring out what your next plan of action is. Because nobody wanted it to be like this.

Some stuff is zero fun to work through, but you just have to take it one soggy step at a time. And remember that somewhere out there, some other person is probably grimacing at some other shoe in some other toilet.



It never really hurts to try kindness one extra time, just to be extra sure. 

And if it turns out someone just really isn’t very nice, at least that’s not on you.



-Are you where you’re supposed to be?
-Are you thinking about other people, and who your actions will affect?

Because someone with their feet in the grape bowl is a solid “NO” on all of the above. Don’t be that kid.

(I mean, I love that kid. But I did make him remove his feet from the grape bowl. And throw out the rest of the grapes.)



My daughter can insist she is getting her pj’s on with all the 7-year-old sass she can muster, but until her tiny hiney is covered in that unicorn and rainbow print it doesn’t mean a darn thing.

Because I have a neat little trick called SEEING IT FOR MYSELF.

Thing is, other people have that neat trick too. And they can SEE ME be the queen of best intentions and a total jester at the follow through (leaning into the assumption here that “total jester” would be quite the royalty burn.).

You can say it all day long, but remember people can actually see what you do.



Even Disney Jr knows we’re not ALL going to be “Stuffin’-heads” (as I imagine the die-hard Doc McStuffins fans call themselves. I do.). That’s why there is variety, not just in cartoons, but in everything.

Find what you like and stick to it. And let other people like their stuff without giving them a hard time.

It’s all on-demand now anyway, so there’s plenty of space.



I *know* somebody else probably did the thing that caused this WHOLE situation, but once you stop and evaluate who is bringing the drama and find out it’s NOW YOU, cut it out.

Lord knows there is enough crying to go around without anyone needing to add to it. At least at my house.



I really feel this one is self-explanatory, on all levels.


Don’t forget to listen to your own advice once in a while. You’re probably not as crazy as your kids make you feel.

And feel free to share any of your unlikely/unexpected lessons this week with me!

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