Ode to my minivan

“Farewell, old friend.” -lots of people, a long time ago (probably)

“Seven years is a long time to drive a minivan. I think we’re ready for something else.”-me, last week

Please don’t take it personally, van, that I traded you in.
It’s not just for a younger model – more like a chapter’s end.

Many unknowing people have called you “UNCOOL.”
Amateurs! Ha! They don’t know your value!

Who else has a floorboard that can fit
-A changing pad
-Spare wardrobe
-And travel toilet?

What other vehicle can gracefully enclose
a mom (ungracefully) putting a three-year-old in dance clothes?

You once welcomed my carseats and big pregnant belly
(No use in hiding my role; my look was all-telling.)

So I let go, embraced it, and wear my stretch marks well.
You, in turn, gained Hi-C stains and a mystery smell.

And SLIDING DOORS – all respect – nothing can compare!
For to other people and cars, my kids are ASTOUNDINGLY unaware.

Ok, I’ll admit it – the new car *is* easier to park and to turn,
but I won’t forget your DVD’s where singing vegetables learn.

(Or the soccer balls, the yard sale hauls,
wet clothes, fast food – you’ve seen it all!)

So farewell, mobile clubhouse, shall I never be so foolish
To see a minivan and think it “uncoolish.”

* * *


Don’t worry new car

You’ve got another whole week

To keep your good smell

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