Politics: Whispers beneath the yelling

I’m holding a small secret, like a smooth stone in my hand, and I want to show you. Just for a second.

But you gotta promise not to go shouting about it. Be cool, OK?

Here goes – you know how everyone seems crazy divided and upset about politics right now? Like you either have to (A) ignore all things political or (B) put on your gloves and start throwing punches as soon as you enter the ring (i.e. the comments section of any post)?

Well, at least four separate times, people have privately messaged me to apologize for heated political posts. I’ve been absolutely shocked each time.

And I was talking to someone yesterday and she told me someone called her (On the phone! With their voice!) to privately apologize for their political discourse; and how it, likewise, shocked her.

The surprise was especially acute because these are people VERY MUCH on one side of the aisle or the other. Where I’m kinda 60/40 (OK, OK, fine – here in the South I’m 70/30) there is no question where their allegiance or opinion lies.

I KNOW if this has happened with me AND it happened to her, it is happening elsewhere.

So that’s it. That’s what I wanted to tell you. People have apologized for things they said in the heat of a tumultuous political climate.

It’s doesn’t seem like much, so I’ve just slid the stone in my pocket and kept it close.

But after the conversation yesterday, I thought: it kinda is much.

Think about an apology (a real, unsolicited one  – not the kind my kids mutter to each other hoping to lessen their consequences): It’s humility and a desire for reconciliation and, well, an act of love

These are not easy things to come by.

It’s the kind of stuff we cry out this country needs but there’s none of it left. We are searching the scorched political landscape with a spotlight and coming up empty.

And I want to testify: it’s still out there, I’VE SEEN IT. It’s happening in the corners and quiet spaces – not for likes or shares, but for real relationships. There is still concern and a hope for discourse.

It’s beneath the surface, and I want to show it to you quickly and cover it back up because it’s authentic and vulnerable and exploiting it will absolutely destroy it.

So keep it quiet; it’s not for gloating. It’s for emulating.

Take heart in knowing that it is not all solid rock and granite out there; sometimes there is unexpected beauty beneath a hard surface.

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