Martina was right, do it anyway

I wore mismatched socks to church last week. The rest of the fam was already in the car, and you know if the four-year-old is already buckled in his carseat then YOU are the holdup.

So I grabbed my boots and two socks from our perpetually-snowballing clean sock basket and ran to the car.

Turned out one was a Christmas cat sock I bought my daughter for her school’s silly sock day. You know what’s sillier than that? ME, I groaned, as I realized my pants didn’t cover them.

I began to feel a familiar twang of self-defeat, but then my mind flashed to the chorus of a song I caught scanning the radio earlier in the week -Martina McBride’s 2006 epic country ballad “Do it Anyway.” Think back, Southerners.

Now, Ms. McBride is not my usual genre *nor* my life-soundtrack material (I mostly side-eye country music curiously for the novelty of wordplay regarding beer or whiskey), but who am I to turn down a lavishly-vocalized moral lesson when it is riding shotgun to me, late and under-prepared?

Do it anyway. 


Pull up that cat sock and walk in late and – WHATEVER, I am there, aren’t I?

It’s hard to let the frayed edges and imperfections show, but if your other option is to miss out on life, do it anyway.

I’m an introvert’s introvert. If I could live in some bubble with just a computer and a window to smile and wave but never really get to know people, I ‘d be set. (Some people might call that being “in your car with a phone”and, OK now that you mention it, yeah  – I’m happy to be in my car with my phone. You nailed it.)

After that Sunday, I let myself shamelessly overuse the “Do it anyway” mantra for more than socks, and found that angelic voice to be peddling some pretty hardcore motivation.

Here’s some real-life observations of things I stamped with a gigantic mental “I DON’T CARE; DO IT ANYWAY”:

  • Signing up for something new with new people; being on a committee of something that I don’t really know how to do yet.
  • Continuing to be myself when it feels like the group is a collective version of someone else.
  • Getting older and, instead of altering my body to artificially feign youthfulness, being ok with what natural aging looks like.
  • Remaining calm when other people aren’t calm.
  • Mapping out a plan for a dream and not really knowing how to get on the path, and just awkwardly picking a jumping off spot.
  • Writing (see also: singing, performing, playing, creating) when you don’t have the vision fully shaped yet and you don’t yet know who it’s for, but you know it’s part of what you were made to do.

So I’m doing it anyway.

What do you need to “do anyway” – for yourself, for the one who created you (God, people. God), and for the little ones who are watching you “behind the scenes” to learn how to really live? Stamp it up this week.

Thanks 2006 Martina.



One thought on “Martina was right, do it anyway

  1. Rachael Auyer says:

    Martina sure does have some sage advice, Great post! Keep them coming! 😁

    I would like to hear what is on your don’t do it list- as in : Martina girl I just cannot “Do it anyway”
    – Black coffee is mine. I try to be cool and healthy and whatever … I just can’t . Give me cream or give me … okay just give me cream

    Liked by 1 person

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