Mom quotes for ALL Y’ALL

Moms give the most brilliant advice.

Unfortunately, as we aim to peg our kids with these inspired arrows of wisdom, a good majority of our words just soar right over or bounce off our darling (often-tired/hungry/argumentative) offspring and get swept off the floor with the tiny Lego pieces that I hide in the dustbin.

If you employ my personal strategy, you just shoot a barrage of advice wildly in the air and hope by the sheer power of probability that one will hit a target.

As I’ve scattershot my mom-isms this week, I’ve found that several have echoed in my head like “You too, you know, lady. Yooooooouuuu toooooooo.” (Read that last part like an echo down a tunnel for maximum effect.)

And I’m like “Shhhh, self….I ain’t my own momma. I didn’t come here to be lectured.”

But, dangit, I knew that echo imagination thing was right. Wisdom for kids is pretty much wisdom for all.

So, this week, I jotted down some of my most echo-y momisms to share with you all, in case you also need a refresher course yourself to “straighten up and hush that fuss.”


This one popped out when someone was ready to slam (or maybe did slam?) a board game on the floor.

Of course, the point isn’t really to not play, it’s to play knowing that losing is a possibility, and -if that happens- be prepared and (hopefully) willing to try again, maybe a little more shrewdly next time. And know you might lose again, or you might not, but playing at all means risking something.

Adult application: everything that’s frustrating.


You know when it’s hardest to comfort a child? When they hurt themselves doing something you TOLD THEM WAS A BAD IDEA. I cannot tell you how powerfully you have to wrestle down the words “I told you so,” or a sarcastic “Seriously? That thing I said would hurt you – HURT YOU?” You get it. 

So this is my version of a pre-injury lecture. 

Basically, apply it to all of my/your bad habits and there’s a solid, stand-alone lecture right there.


See: ALL POLITICS RIGHT NOW. ALL. Y’ALL. (and me, too).


Ok, this little arrow -lobbed during a strong-willed child v. parent standoff- later hit me spiritually. I mean, how often am I trying to get God to do things for ME, instead of the other way around?


This was directed at another of my lovely children (fun times in the McGahee household!) and while I haven’t called my own mother “Bub,” I also HAVEN’T CALLED her this week – sorry, mom! Call your moms, people. They have done a heck of a lot for you.


To my kid: Self-explanatory.

But to me: Focus. Prioritize. Splitting your attention between too many things can have disastrous (possibly hospital-requiring) consequences.


Now, friends, go out there remembering all the things your mama taught you AND living your own parenting advice. If we treated each other like our mamas were watching, society would be on much better behavior, I’m sure.

And now that that’s done, I better go call my mom.


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