Christians: More than your vote

I realized today that in three weeks I will have to stop reading the news like it’s my job and get back to my actual life.

Having studied journalism and politics (back in olden days, when I had nary a smart phone nor child), I am often glued to the screen watching the slow-motion, ongoing pile-up of tweets, accusations, and threats from this election coverage like it’s a spectator sport.

I wonder: How will this change the political landscape? What parts of this upheaval are useful and lasting? How do journalists balance integrity with a reader’s appetite for sensationalism?

(Also: How do people post stuff all the dang time? It’s taken me forever to write this actual thing I’m writing now.)

I’m also a Christian, albeit one of those annoying, question-y ones, and I have to tell you guys, I see a lot of believers freaking out. FREAKING OUT and bringing up a whole bunch of doomsday stuff.

So I’m going to ask everybody to take a deep breath.

You know- scratch that. Freak out politically if you want, just not about everything. Freak out that policies will or won’t be implemented. Freak out that domestic and foreign decisions will be made against your best judgement. Freak out about the way money will or won’t be spent.

But please, please don’t freak out about your faith or God or evangelism.

I want to remind you, friends, if you desire it to draw people to the love of God, that is never going to happen from the top down anyway.

Repentance and forgiveness and love and obedience of the heart will never come from legislation. Social changes, yes. But not the heart stuff.

It comes from you. (Which, honestly, is way harder.)

It comes from how you live your life. How you love others. How you treat others.

Hear me, Christians: vote, but more importantly, live out your faith. Your politics will never lead anyone to love God nor let them know how they are loved by God. YOUR LIFE AND WORDS AND ACTIONS WILL. How you live your life. How you live it with other Christians. And most certainly how you live it with people who are not like you. 

I understand that people want societal rules to reflect their values. And you vote for those. Fine. But your “team” winning or not winning does not limit or restrain how you love God and love others.

Personally, I love the thought of God’s power pooling at the bottom, with us regular, imperfect people. Think of everything we can change from down here.

Campaign and vote for who you honestly think will lead the country best. Clinton, Trump, Johnson, Stein, that guy who is polling high in Utah (way to shake it up, Utah!).

But please don’t buy into the idea that it’s a zero sum game for anyone, most certainly not for Christ.

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