Puppies, anyone?

Hi Dallas friends, due to a few changes we still have TWO SWEET PUPS available for adoption! Meet Big Boy and Kanga, and let me know if you’re interested in making one a furry addition your family.

-The pups are 8 weeks old (born on July 4th!) and have had their first check up and round of shots.

– Big Boy is male and Kanga is female.

-They are “mystery pups” – you see what breed(s) they are as they grow! 😉 Really though, we have no idea what type of dog the dad is, but the mom is a beautiful 55-60lb white lab/pyranees mix (see some of her story here). They will probably both be medium-sized dogs.


Mama Bella, the dog who managed to sneak 11 puppies into our home

-They are have been handled by my kids (and neighbors’ kids!) for as long as they can remember, so they are super sweet, social, and friendly. However, they are still puppies and will chew anything they find and are still learning to *only* use the bathroom outside.

-Only *SERIOUS* inquiries please – we need to be confident that they will be neutered/spayed, immunized, chipped, cared for and loved for the LONG RUN!!

Big Boy


The biggest of the boys, Big Boy

Big Boy is a fluffy, laid-back bundle of love. He has always been the largest of the litter (we’ve called him “Big Boy” since he was a week old) and has fairly large paws, but has always been the most chill of the group. If you want an adorable, fluffy ball of fur to plod after you with undying devotion, Big Boy is your guy.

He lets my kids carry and hold him all over the place and just goes with it, so I think he would be a good choice if you have young children in the house.



DSC_0540 (2) edit

Kanga, a furry brave soul

Kanga is a brave girl with a strong spirit, so she fits right in with my kids around here! She has always been the litter’s adventurer – happy to explore new places with all the energy she needs to get her there 🙂 I call her an “athletic” pup – she will probably love going on walks and runs when she gets old enough. Her markings and brindle coat are just beautiful in person, and I’ve had a few people tell me her fur’s colors remind them of a cat. So, two fave pets in one, how can you go wrong??

She went through a playful but noticeable “nipping” phase more than some of the other pups, and thankfully I think is mostly over it. However, considering that along with her energy, she would prob do better with elem or older kids (rather than younger ones).

(FYI, that is dirt on her tongue, not spots)

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