Kids + Cards + Time Together

stamp pic

My kids love putting decorative stamps on our Christmas card envelopes, and it unintentionally turned into a bit of a (way easy) holiday tradition. I’m sure it stemmed from me just being desperate to get ANYTHING accomplished a few years ago and being all like “Here! Take this! It will be fun and totally keep you busy for 20 minutes!”

Side note: Perfection NOT expected -you have to resist the temptation to micro-manage and JUST LET IT BE MESSY. (Par for the course with littles anyway, right?)

Set a few crisp envelopes aside for bosses and basically anyone who would not receive a piece of artwork from your child and respond “Aw, that’s so sweet!” (I think there may be a few of these people scattered in the general population.)

But for close family and friends, your child-designed, stray-fingerprinted envelopes tell a story too, like:

“Yes, we are (mostly) dressed and (mostly) smiling in this scenic field photo, but our life also looks like messy stamps and fingerprints everywhere. We are owning it.”

“ALSO, the fact that I was even able to print, address, and mail Christmas cards this year counts as a personal win, and probably came at the cost of at least one sibling fight, two hours of television, and -as you can see- 6 inky, kid-stamped hands. See how much you mean to us, friends? For you, worth it.”


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