Christians: What if we #prayforISIS (Yeah, it’s weird)

#prayforISIS That feels strange to type. And I'm pretty sure I just put myself on some government watch lists. Or worse. Yikes. That's shocking. Radical. (And yep, used the word radical, so I'm definitely being watched now.) Because it is. It's weird and counter-intuitive. And my nature says "What?! NO. I don't want to." But it is exactly what … Continue reading Christians: What if we #prayforISIS (Yeah, it’s weird)

Roller skates and dirty dishes

My five-year-old is a speed racer on rollerskates. However it happened, she got 99% of my DNA, but somehow didn't inherit my overarching "Whoa! Caution! Stop!" gene. So, naturally, she was thrilled when she found she could attach WHEELS to her FEET. You can find her most days with her purple and white skates laced up, zipping (loudly) around our wood floors … Continue reading Roller skates and dirty dishes

On the luxury of coat hangers

I just bought some velvet-lined, space-saving coat hangers in an attempt to motivate myself into organizing my closet. The high hope is that my hideaway of a clothes-container-with-sliding-doors can be somewhat referred to as a "functional closet." I stared at the Amazon delivery box for an extra few seconds after opening it, thinking: "Coat hangers. I just BOUGHT coat hangers. PURCHASED them, like it was a normal thing. … Continue reading On the luxury of coat hangers